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Our Services

24- hour hotline

The Alliance has two phone lines and multiple phones located throughout the facility. Our telephones are NEC analog desk phones and are durable and high quality.. The Alliance is staffed twenty-four hours a day seven days a week by Advocates who have completed at least 40 hours of training and competent to provide immediate assistance to survivors of domestic violence

Medical Advocacy

The Alliance Against Family Violence defines the role of medical advocacy as the support and/or assistance in accessing medical services related to domestic violence and acting on behalf of or in support of survivors of domestic violence to ensure those victim’s rights are represented and upheld. The Alliance provides support and advocacy for survivors of domestic violence who are at any stage of the medical process. Advocates support survivors to navigate the medical system and to promote the medical services responsiveness to the needs of survivors.

Court Advocacy

The Lead Advocate has completed an all-staff training on court advocacy which includes how to file for a Protection from Abuse order online. Advocates provide a list of options, alternatives and assist survivors in identifying goals from their involvement with the courts. Being able to provide information about the legal process enables the survivor to more fully participate in the legal process, advocating on their own behalf.

Support Group Services

The Alliance provides support groups as an opportunity for personal growth, socialization, education, prevention or to work together toward a group goal. Support groups are designed to decrease the survivor’s sense of isolation and sense of shame, while creating a safe place for individuals to express themselves, their feelings, and share and normalize their experiences. The support group becomes a link with a larger community and peers. It is an opportunity to develop and share tools, increase safety and reduce the impact of sexual violence.

Crisis Intervention Services

The Alliance provides face-to-face meetings, telephone, and other forms of electronic communication for survivors of domestic violence and their families. All Advocates are provided training in domestic violence advocacy including active listening, providing emotional support and validation, and assessing for both the emotional safety and the physical safety of survivors

Child and Youth Advocacy Narrative - SV

The Family Advocate will meet with the child/youth for initial SA safety planning, set short- and long-term goals, and ensure school and transportation issues are addressed. When initial issues have been addressed the Family Advocate will then address case management and/or SA service needs. The Family Advocate will seek to build rapport with the children/youth.

C O N T A C T 

You can get help now through our 24-hour crisis hotline (913) 675-7217!


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